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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ugh, I hate to complain about something that is giving me a bit of hope, but I think it is destined to drive me psychotic.
2 days before I miscarried I stopped feeling pregnant: the sore boobs, the nausea, all gone.
In the middle of my grieving, wailing and crying two days ago I noticed I was slightly nauseated and that my previously superhuman olfactories had turned themselves back on. That, combined with what I did not consider to be enough bleeding were all it took for me to start wondering...
Am I still pregnant?????
My breasts are slightly tender today and I am slightly nauseated. It is not the lay on the bathroom floor type of nausea, nor do I feel the need for a steel plated bra, so I am questioning if this is all in my mind.
I had a beta hcg drawn at my OB yesterday and I will hear today about the results. If it is low, as it should be following a miscarriage that will be the end of it, but if it is high enough to make us suspect that the pregnancy is still viable, I will have it repeated to see if the numbers are indeed climbing.
Off to Dr. Google to find out what numbers I should be hoping for...


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