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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Purple Hair
Well, if this isn't worth breaking blog-silence to share, then what is? Jossy and I are now the proud owners of newly dyed brilliant, rich dark purple hair. We just did the backs of our hair, like the bottom 1/5. My hair is up in a pony right now and I think it looks super cute. I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I think we both look adorable.
In related news, I am attending a Professional! Development! Day! at my work today and have been specifically instructed NOT to wear jeans. NahNah they didn't say NOT to have purple hair!
I can't believe people think I am a grown up.
Have an awesome day!

Update: I sat next to two of my managers at the PDD. Not so cool...
It's okay, I just don't like them to be any more aware of my existence than absolutely necessary. Now I think they have definitely noticed me.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This is my 210th and final post for this blog. Life has been pretty nuts since my last post in early December. Shortly before Christmas my dad who is always really healthy and is only 62, was hospitalized for unexplained anemia (4.5g drop in 2 weeks). We still don't know the cause though the docs continue to work him up. Than in early January my grandma became very ill. My mom flew to Florida to be with her for her last two weeks of life.
Jossy and I flew to Florida in mid-January to attend her funeral. Despite the sad nature of our trip, J and I did enjoy traveling together. It was her first plane ride and trip to Florida and we were able to fit in one day of sight-seeing, since we were in Florida in January! The manatees were especially big with Jossy.
I was only home for 5 days when Ryan and I left for a lovely, lovely trip to Jamaica. It was short, only 5 days, but we loved every second of it. It was very romantic and relaxing and fun. The highlight of the trip for me was hiking up a mountain through a rainforest to the head of river and swimming in the natural pool below the waterfalls. Our guide was a really cool rastafarian guy named Marvin. He had dreadlocks and a gold tooth and was just gorgeous.
So now we are just settling back into our groove. Life is good in general. I do really feel rejuvenated towards parenting and homeschooling after our vacation. I have also been working out regularly since the beginning of the year (when travel, etc allowed) so that has helped too.
The biggest project is getting our house in shape to sell, but it is REALLY hard to get all these dumb projects done. Hopefully by March.
I think I'm done blogging for the moment. I really need to start tracking what we do in a more consistent and thorough, thus probably boring way. As we approach our first year of reporting, I realize how much I need to work on developing that habit in myself. Goodbye for now, anyone who reads this.